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Anomalies is a computer program that randomly generates unusual 3D formations and corresponding sounds, but then allows the user to manually adjust them to their own specifications. My goal is to have this program running in a public space, like a gallery, and allow visitors to "play" with it on a more or less casual basis. There are options to capture screenshots and save entire levels for those that want to take it more seriously.


More Videos

Anomalies are both visual and auditory art. Look and listen to some of them here:

Upcoming Features

Anomalies is still growing as a software. I am adding new features to the next release, including exporting anomalies to a 3D model. From this model, one could use it in any number of different applications, including printing.

These models were generated with the Anomalies software, then exported and converted with Blender.

This one was printed by Shapeways, and is the first 3D printed anomaly.

Symmetrical Anomaly 001 by mkschmidt on Sketchfab This was uploaded to Sketchfab, for use in their 3D viewer.

Anomalies: The Album

Some of the music generated by Anomalies was catching my interest, so I recorded a few that stood out, edited them slightly, and put them together as an album of ambient, electronic music.


Here's a demonstration of some of the features in Anomalies, and how they work. Check out more videos and screenshots of Anomalies on Steam: Greenlight
Also, you can view more about Anomalies and my art on my Patreon page: Michael Klaus Schmidt on Patreon